Hart to Hart Cavaliers

About Our Home

Welcome to our home

We live in the gorgeous foothills of the Ozark Mountains out in the country where the air is fresh and the water is sweet. What a wonderful place to live! We love where we live and we love country living. I have twenty plus acres of property and two of my five children adjoin my property. It is a small community with approximately fifteen families living near us. We are so blessed with where we live and the neighbors that we have!

I have recently retired from Baxter Healthcare where I worked as a quality technician. Since retirement I have become more involved in volunteer work. I am certified as a dog obedience trainer/instructor and in the past have worked with our area 4H Club.

It is so relaxing and enjoyable to spend time with our Cavaliers. They are really quite entertaining. They love our attention and they love to play with one another. They have an area that is fenced just for them so that they can romp, explore, play with one another (and dig to their hearts content). I must say that they are very happy and spoiled dogs.

We raise the Cavalier because we feel that it is a very special little dog. It's loving nature has won the heart of many for centuries. It is because of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's special qualities that they have survived for centuries. In the past, they have won the heart of royalty as well as common people.

The Cavalier has a very long history. Toy spaniels of different origins can be seen in tapestries and paintings as early as the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries in several European countries as well as in England. Although they have a very long history, their history in the United States is relatively short. There are no records available of Cavaliers in the United States prior to the 1950's. In 1952, Mrs. W. L Lyons Brown of Kentucky was so impressed with this little dog that she brought a black and tan female puppy home with her from England. The delightful character of this little dog has since won the heart of many here in the United States.

Because of our delight with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we have begun raising and placing some in special homes. Our goal is to raise healthy, happy and well socialized puppies for those who have fallen in love with this little dog and have their hearts set on having one in their family. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are wonderful as a companion, service, therapy, or family dog and are great with children or adults alike. We realize that adding a puppy to your family is a very exciting experience and we find great pleasure in being a part of this.