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Now lives with Kate in Los Angeles, CA!

Penelope was born 05/21/2008

Little Penny is such a joy! She is my  second cavalier from the Harts and I just couldn't be happier! She is so  beautiful and everyone we meet stops us to tell us how she looks just  like a "calendar puppy!"

She is so bubbly and happy and thinks every person she sees is her new  very best friend! Her little tail is always wagging and she has a  constant smile on her face.

Penny has the perfect cavalier temperament and just loves to snuggle up  in a lap whenever she can find one!  She is a confident, cheerful and  gorgeous little puppy and we are so excited to watch  her turn into a graceful and charming young lady! 



Now lives with Amy in Ohio!

Jose was born 05/21/2008

Inez and Family,

We would just like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas! and thank  you for giving us a very special puppy! i thought id give you a little  update on how josie's doing.

Josie has been so wonderful she's made this family feel whole, she is  always making us Smile and laugh, except when she chews shoes.. but its  hard to get mad at a sweet little face like hers!  

She's so spoiled here, she has a big family to give her all the loving  she wants and a big yard to run around in.. not to mention our 2 kitties  she's become accustomed to playing with.  She visits my grandmother  weekly and she loves it! my grandmothers almost 80 and when she see's  josie it puts a big smile on her face! She's become a good therapy dog,  she also comes with me when i babysit Anthony.  He's a 11 year old  autistic boy i watch, he's so gentle with her and he loves when she  visits he plays with her all day, then they both fall asleep together.  She's grown quite alot but she's still somewhat small and petite but we  love her just the way she is!  Josie is also a local celebrity around  here, everywhere we go everybody knows who she is! the crew at starbucks  even has a jar of treats with her name on it for whenever we come in..  We just recently went to New York City to visit my family there, and she  was such a good traveler she slept the whole way there!

i just wanted to thank you so much again for giving us our little Josie!  you've bred a very good dog id recommend you to anyone who's looking to  adopt a cavalier!

ive also attached some pictures to show you how much she's grown!  



Now lives with Randy and Mary Beckman in Grand Rapids, MI!

Charley was born 05/21/2008

Charley joined our family on August 8,  2008 and we immediately fell in love with him! We believe he is in love  with us also (along with our cat Koko and our neighbor's dog's who he  loves to have play time with). We have been stopped many times when we  are out & about with Charley and it's always the same exclamation:  "That's the cutest dog ever!" Then we have to explain all about Charley  being a Cavalier King Charlies.

He was easy to train, very sociable & excellent with our 3yr. old  grandchild. We couldn't be happier with our experience with Hart  Cavaliers. We strongly endorse Inez Hart and her Cavaliers and so will  you.

Randy, Mary, & Charley Beckman 



Now lives with Manal Azer in Virginia!

Toby was born September 30, 2008

Toby has been a bundle of sunshine and  joy since the moment he arrived. He has quickly become known as the  sweetest puppy in the neighborhood. Toby loves to cuddle with us  (especially grandma) but also enjoys his playtime. He's got lots of  toys, but really loves dishtowels most. He is getting better at going  potty each day and is already about 75% trained even though we brought  him home a week ago.

There truly is nothing like the love of this sweet little boy. He is  healthy, happy, and warmed up to us quickly. From his sunny disposition  and easy-going attitude, it is clear he comes from a wonderful home.

Thanks so much, Inez!   



Now lives with Helena in Sandy Lake, PA!

Nutmeg was born 02/17/2009

Nutmeg has been a great addition to  our family; she is our second puppy from Inez and has become great  friends with Sammie (our first pup from Inez) and Wilver (the cat).   From the first day we brought her home, she came into the house as if  she owned it and her attitude remains the same…lol.  We can sit for  hours and watch her, Sammie & Wilver play. The neighbors have fallen  in love with her and always come over when they see us out playing.  

Nothing on the floor is safe as she feels it belongs to her. She is all  “puppy”!!! She loves to go for walks and really loves the attention she  gets from everyone when we go to a softball game. In the early evenings  she enjoys going to the neighbor’s and playing with their beagles. We  have never seen a more adaptable pup then this one. At the end of the  day she is sure to cuddle up next to anyone of us (humans and/or four  legged critters alike). For the short time that she has been with us,  she has wiggled her way into our hearts and we wouldn’t trade her for  anything!

Thanks Inez for yet another really fantastic pup!!!!  



Now lives with Bonnie in Louisiana!

Kennedy was born 6/25/09

Hi Inez just to let you know that  Kennedy is adjusting well.  I took her to my daughter's house in Denham  Springs for a weekend.  She did just fine and got along well with her 2  dogs.  She is growing so fast.  Her coat is beautiful and she is so  affectionate.  I have leash trained her because I don't have a fence.   She loves to go walking.  I don't know what I would do without her.  I  only have had her 1 month but it seems like forever.  She is crate  trained and completely housebroken.  It has been a real pleasure  purchasing a puppy from you.  Many, many thanks.  I would highly  recommend you to friends and family.  Everyone who meets her, loves her.  



Now lives with Manel in Virginia!

Toby was born September 30, 2008

One year later........

Hi Inez,

Long time, no talk. I just wanted to email you to let you know that Toby  is doing great. We celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday. He has been  such a source of love and joy to us. He is the sweetest pup I've ever  met and it has been an amazing journey with him since January. Thank you  so much. Enjoy the photos.

With love,

Manal and the Azer Family 


Toby and Penny

Now lives with Kathy Cutrone

LOVE LOVE LOVE my cavaliers!  I first  got Toby, my tri-colored from Gail Hart two years ago.  He is such a  great pet and companion my children and I decided that we need another  one.  So this year I got Penny, my blenheim from Inez Hart.  Cute is  hardly the word to describe these puppies.  All they want is to love  you, cuddle with you, and be with you.  Penny just makes us laugh  because she doesn't walk but literally bounces like a rabbit.  In the  past I have had other purebred dogs, but I have to admit - you can't  compare the smarts that these cavaliers have.  They listen and take  direction better than my own children!  

My sister, and even her neighbors, keep taking my puppies to enjoy with  their own families!    People actually stop us on the street to inquire  about them and even our own veterinarian was so impressed that he is  thinking of getting one from the Harts!  I am always more than happy to  tell them how and where we got them.  We are all so incredibly enamored  with this breed and breeder that I am sure we will get yet another one.   OH and did you notice the "heart" on Penny's bottom!!

Many thanks to Hart to Hart Cavaliers for breeding such fine family pets.  

Kathy Cutrone 



Now lives with Liahnna in New York City!

MylaSaintLou was born 11/12/09

February 16th 2010 was the day I  finally got to hold my precious Myla! And what a day baby Myla had!  She  had a real New York experience from the moment her paw touched the  snow.  She took her first rush hour subway ride,  she had a mariachi  band play for her, she  gave money to the homeless - and that was just  coming home from the airport!!!  she handled everything like a real pro,  like a true New Yorker.

Once we got home she had a nice meal, played with her Barney's New  Yorkie credit card ( squeeky toy) then soon fell asleep in my lap.  So  ADORABLE!!!!!!

She has only been here for a week and is already the neighborhood  celebrity! She is such a mommies girl too! She follows me EVERYWHERE!!!  People cant believe that I've only had her for seven days because she  acts as if she's known me her entire life.  I am absolutely head over  heals in LOVE!

Oh! And did I tell you that she has been sleeping with me since day 1- and NO accidents!! I cant believe it.

I cant thank you enough for my little angel!

proud -mommy-Liahnna 



Now lives with Rachael in Orange Beach, Alabama!

Cotton was born 9/11/09

Cotton has been an absolute JOY!!!  I  have wanted a Cavalier for years but wanted to wait until I found just  the right one.  Cotton is him!  He loves the beach and chasing birds  even more.  He even got to see snow.  His big brothers Magnum and Tiger  love him too.  My two girls have had a blast with him.  He has been the  best.  Thank you for such a beautiful and sweet puppy.  We will  definitely use you again and pass your information to Cavi lovers just  like us!!  



Now lives with Shari in West Sand Lake, NY!

Zeke was born 1/19/10

Zeke is absolutely adorable, and easy  going. When he arrived, he stepped right out of his carrier, and fell  asleep on my lap for the car ride home.  Our vet was very impressed with  the treatment he received before coming home to us, and he continues to  he in excellent health.

Zeke is just graduating his first puppy training course, and was a quick  and eager study!  He has yet to meet a person he did not love, and is  very well mannered when meeting new people.  Even non 'dog-people' love  him!

Zeke is definitely all puppy, he plays hard, and then cuddles up next to  you and sleeps just as hard.... he loves to explore his surroundings,  and the only thing that phases him is thunderstorms, then he wants to  burrow in someones lap and be coddled until it passes.

Thanks for such a great companion! 



Now lives with The Bence's in Sandy Lake, PA!

SammieNutmeg was born  

We can not thank you enough for our wonderful family members. As you can  see from our pictures both Sammie and Nutmeg are thriving. They have  made themselves at home with us and at times we believe they think they  own the house and we are the pets...lol  Sammie is now 2 and Nutmeg is  1... their loving personalities are awesome, and while they came to us  with the intentions of being Helena's puppies, they have become fond of  everyone and spreads the love equally. Again, thanks Inez!!! Let us know  if you ever have rubies or black/tans.... The Bence Family 



Now lives with Alicia in California!

HenryLongshanks was born 01/19/2010

I’ve had Henry for about a month. He  is absolutely gorgeous. His markings and portions are exactly what I was  looking for. His personality is very sweet and he loves falling asleep  on my lap.  Of course the first couple weeks of a puppy getting  acquainted to his new surroundings are always hard but this little guy  has done exceptionally well. He’s also very easy to train! Thank you so  much for not only making the process of buying a puppy easy but for  breeding such great dogs. I highly recommend Inez Hart and her  Cavaliers.  



Now lives with Burnside in Redondo Beach, CA!

Emma was born February 16, 2009

We decided to contact the Harts in  2009, shortly after our wedding. When we discovered that Emma was born  two days after we had gotten married, we decided it was fate and made  all the arrangements to ship her to California. Little Emma arrived at  LAX and was instantly a part of our family! She and her big sister Coco  love to play with their toys, go for walks, enjoy the dog park or go on  car trips with mom and dad. Emma is the sweetest dog, and she is  absolutely beautiful. She turns heads everywhere we go and is as  friendly as can be. She loves to cuddle with her mom and dad, and she  loves to fly to Michigan to visit her grandpa and grandma and play with  her cousins. She has been an absolute joy to have with our family, and  we absolutely love her.  



Now lives with Ashley in Lafayette, LA!

Sneakers was born May 12, 2011

Sneakers is everything I have ever  wanted in a puppy and more!  Not only is she happy, healthy, and  adorable, but she is proving to be very easy to train.  Her favorite  time of the day is around 7:30 when we take walks around the  neighborhood and her favorite treats are puppy milk bones. Everyone that  meets her falls in love with those gorgeous eyes and fluffy ears!  She  loves to wear her "princess" tutu but she is more excited to get her new  Saints jersey this football season and be the first "Who Dat" puppy in  our family!! 



Now lives with Karen  in Dallas, TX!

Buddy was born 6/25/2009

Buddy just turned 2 years old on his  birthday this year. He has an older brother named Diesel. They love to  play togehter and enjoy going on rides in the truck. They both want to  sit on the center console so they can see what is going on all around.  Buddy is a very loving dog and likes to have his belly rubbed. He is  very cute!!!! We are happy and lucky to have him in our family.