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Raising Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 2005 (870) 458-2769

About Us and This Special Breed

  • Where We Live  We live in northern Arkansas in the gorgeous foothills of the Ozark Mountains out in the  country where the air is fresh and the water is sweet!  Our community is small and neighborly. 
  • About Me   I am retired from Baxter Healthcare where I worked as a  quality technician.  Since retirement I have become more involved in raising the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I have been raising this delightful breed since 2005 and thoroughly enjoy them!   I am certified as a dog obedience trainer/instructor and  in the past have worked with our area 4H Club.  Much of this expertise now goes into working with my dogs and socializing puppies before they go to their new home.  My grandchildren work with me especially during the summer months.  I have placed puppies in homes in much of the United States!
  • About the Breed    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy spaniel and  a very special little  dog.  It's loving nature has won the heart of many for centuries. It is  because of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's special qualities that  they have survived for centuries. In the past, they have won the heart  of royalty as well as common people.  This breed has a very long history. Toy spaniels of different origins  can be seen in tapestries and paintings as early as the 15th, 16th and  17th centuries in several European countries as well as in England.  Although they have a very long history, their history in the United  States is relatively short. There are no records available of Cavaliers  in the United States prior to the 1950's. In 1952, Mrs. W. L Lyons Brown  of Kentucky was so impressed with this little dog that she brought a  black and tan female puppy home with her from England. The delightful  character of this little dog has since won the heart of many here in the  United States. The Cavalier is noted for his unique personality and sensitive, loving nature that is best developed by constant human contact.  They are very trusting and totally devoted.  Although there are four colors in this breed (black and tan, Blenheim, ruby, tricolor), we raise only the  Blenheim and tricolor.

We truly enjoy raising this little dog and our involvement in placing them in their forever homes is very rewarding to us.  Our goal is to raise  healthy, happy and well socialized puppies for those who have fallen in  love with this little dog and have their hearts set on having one in  their family. They are a wonderful choice! The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is wonderful as a  companion, service, therapy, or family dog and is great with children  or adults alike.  We realize that adding a puppy to your family is a  very important decision and an exciting experience and we find great pleasure in being a part of  this!   

In Their Play Area

Our babies are really sweet.  They are loved from birth and they know that they are special!!  They never meet a stranger.  They expect all humans to love them as they have always  been loved!  Because of this, they easily slip into their new home environment as though they have always been there!! 


Just Hanging Out!

These little guys just tug at your heart.  They are just so sweet and lovable!

Meet the Parents of Hart's Court

We have a well-planned, selective breeding program aimed at eliminating genetic weaknesses and promoting the many fine qualities of the Cavalier.  Our Cavaliers are part of our family  and  when we place a puppy in a new home, we want to assure that this puppy will be healthy and well-socialized before leaving site and that the new family will have many happy years with their new family member!  Hope that you enjoy the pictures of our beautiful cavaliers!  

What You Receiv e With Your Puppy

Registration Papers and Three Generation Pedigree

Your baby is a pure blood Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Registration papers will be with American Canine Association (ACA).  It is the option of the owner whether to have their baby registered.

Health Record

All our cavalier spaniels puppies  will be up-to-date on vaccinations and will have a health record of dates vaccinations given and type of vaccination, dates of dewormings and type of medication, and a vet issued health certificate before they go to be with their new family.

Health Guarantee and Buyer/Seller Agreement

Hart to Hart Cavaliers guarantees your  puppy to be free of infectious  diseases for five days after the puppy  leaves our facility. The puppy  will leave our facility clean and in  good general health.

A health record to show treatments for  parasites and immunizations that  the puppy has received will be sent  with the puppy for review by the  buyer's veterinarian. While it is  generally recognized that intestinal  parasites and ear mites are common  in puppies, we make every effort  to prevent such parasites. The  stress of change and travel may at times  cause intestinal parasites to  emerge after the puppy has left our  facility and its familiar  surroundings. Buyer agrees to continue  parasite testing and treatments  by their veterinarian, if necessary.

During the first five days of ownership,  the new owners agree to keep  their puppy at home and away from public  places and parks and will  provide measures that will protect their  puppy from exposure to parvo  virus and other infectious illnesses. The  new owner will also assure  that the puppy receives plenty of rest,  which will help ward off disease  or illness.  Rest is very important  for puppies.

The new owner must take their puppy to the  veterinarian within five days  of receiving the puppy for examination,  testing for parasites and  treatments, if necessary, and to schedule  ongoing immunizations. Failure  to have the puppy examined by a  veterinarian within five days of the  date that the puppy was received  by the buyer, or failure to provide  required immunizations or  treatments for parasites will make void this  health guarantee. The cost  of exams and tests are the responsibility of  the buyer.

Failure to comply with the above  stipulations will void all health  guarantees of the said puppy. The  seller only guarantees the health of  the said puppy for one year  against the following diseases: canine  distemper, adenovirus type 2,  corona virus, para influenza, and parvo  virus diseases or any life  threatening heredity illnesses.

In the event of death by any of the above  diseases or life threatening  heredity illnesses within the first year,  with a veterinarian autopsy  report verifying death by any of the above,  the buyer shall be  reimbursed the price paid for the said puppy or,  the buyer may have the  said puppy replaced by a puppy of the same breed  when one becomes  available not to exceed the length of one year.

Only if all requirements are met will the  seller honor this guarantee.  The seller will not be held accountable  for any accrued veterinarian  expenses or shipping of a replacement  puppy. This agreement must be  signed and returned to seller with  documentation from the new owner's  veterinarian of the examination  mentioned above.

This guarantee is non-transferable.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer many of the common questions that we receive here! However, if you can't find the answer you are looking for, we welcome you to contact us!

 May we pick up our puppy ourselves? 

 You may call to make an appointment to pick up your puppy at our  facilities or we will drive to meet you part way.  There is no charge  for the first fifty miles, but for all over that distance there will be a  charge to cover expenses.

 Do you have a waiting list for upcoming litters? 

 Yes.  You may ask to be added to our waiting list for upcoming litters.   We do not ask for a deposit, but we do ask that once you are added to  our list and should you change your mind about adding the puppy to your  family that you please let us know so that we can make other  arrangements for the baby.  

We realize how exciting it is to add a puppy to your family and we  really enjoy being a part of this experience.  We encourage you to ask  if you have questions.  Once the new babies have arrived, we will send  you pictures on a regular basis.  It is really quite amazing to watch  the puppy grow and mature.  At birth they are so tiny and helpless.  At  eight weeks of age they are bouncy and playful and ready to meet their  new family.  Our puppies are exceptionally well socialized, so they step  right into their role in their new family and you would think that they  had always been there!!

When you are added to the list, you will be placed in the order of the  date that you were added.  I start at the top of the list and work down  when I have a new litter.  If you find a puppy before I have one  available, just notify me and your name will be removed from the list. 


What is the cause of diarrhea in puppies?

Diarrhea in puppies.   Diarrhea is a frequent puppy problem that can be caused by any number of factors, including:

* Changing foods abruptly when the puppy first comes home.  If you are  changing to a different brand of food, do it gradually by mixing a small  amount with what it is now being used.  Our puppies will come with a small  zip lock baggie of puppy kibbles that they are currently eating.

* Excitement of a new home and family.  This is a big change for your  new baby.  Our puppies are very well socialized, so likely they will  greet you with a wagging tail and kisses.  Just be aware that the  excitement of the trip may be the cause of diarrhea.

* Heavy load of internal parasite.  Parasites are a common problem in  dogs and puppies and are easily treated.  Our puppies are on a deworming  regime, so this should not be a problem with them, but your vet should  check for parasites. 

Do you have any tips on housetraining puppies?

Young puppies do not have effective control over their  elimination process.  When an eight week old puppy needs to go, it  really needs to go!!  It isn't until the puppy is four or five months  old that it has reliable control.  It is, therefore, the owner's good  observation and management that will eliminate messes in the house.  It  is a good idea to take your baby potty when he/she wakes up from a nap  and after eating.

What are some behaviors that indicate the puppy may need to eliminate?   Sniffing, wandering in circles, whining, and starting to squat are  indications that the puppy needs to go.  At the first sign of any of  these behaviors, the owner needs to immediately take the puppy  to a designated area.

When at the designated area, command the puppy to eliminate.  Use the  same command each time.  Examples of commands are "go potty," "take a  break," etc.

After giving the command, simply wait.  If the puppy sits or lies down,  walk around to get the puppy up and moving.  Once it eliminates, praise  it as though it has done something great!  

Young puppies have to eliminate often.  Crucial times for going out are  when they wake up in the morning or after a nap, after they eat one of  their meals, after they take a drink of water, or after they have a  lively play session.  At other times, a puppy should be taken out at  least every two hours.  

Another element of timing is a puppy's feeding schedule.  Feeding a  puppy or dog on a regular schedule is beneficial for both the dog and  its owner.  A regular schedule helps to put bowel movements on an  equally regular schedule so that the owner knows when to expect them.   (Assure that the puppy always has fresh drinking water available.  This  is essential for the good health of your puppy).

A small puppy will need to go during the night.  If you choose not to  get up during the night to take your puppy out, you must provide an  acceptable indoor potty.  One option is to separate the puppy's crate  into two separate areas: one for sleeping and one for eliminating.   Creating a potty area in a crate isn't the recommended method of  training a puppy, but it is an alternative for those owners who choose  not to or who cannot take their puppy out at night.  If it uses the  potty area during the night, it should be cleaned up first thing in the  morning and nothing said to the puppy.  As the puppy gets older and in  better control of bodily functions, the nighttime elimination should  disappear on its own.

Anytime you take your dog or puppy out to a public area, it is your  responsibility to clean up if your puppy or dog eliminates feces.  Be  prepared to do this by carrying a plastic bag with you.  Simply put your  hand inside the bag, pick up the feces, and then turn the bag inside  out and tie securely.

Do you mind if we ask questions?

Questions about your new baby are welcome so please feel free to ask.

By what method do we pay?

We accept payment through Paypal, by money order or cash upon delivery of puppy. 

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